ICEX-CECO: Leader in international business studies


ICEX-CECO Centre of Studies for Economy and Trade is a Business School founded in 1976 as a training centre for Spain´s Economic and Commercial Administration.
As a public foundation, it has amongst its trustees the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, the Ministry of Economy, the ICEX, Institute of Foreign Trade, and the Advisory Board of the Chambers of Commerce. Other institutions such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, universities, business confederations, exporters associations, consultancies etc.... are in close contact with the ICEX-CECO foundation and constantly collaborating on the development of mutually beneficial programs and activities.

Since its beginning, ICEX-CECO has trained more than 20,000 alumni and continues to train leading professionals for the economic and commercial administration both in the public sector and in companies. Only in the last year ICEX-CECO has given more than 9,000 contact hours to more than 2,000 alumni.

During these years our internationalization program students have integrated as top executives in the most active international Spanish companies. Likewise foreign students proceeding from over 70 countries, mainly developing countries or those recently incorporated into global economy, which share an interest in the Spanish internationalization experience.

Rigour and Innovation

ICEX-CECO programs are known for their academic standards and their innovating and avant-gard syllabus, adapted always to the new dynamic demands in training. ICEX-CECO methodology is fundamentally practical and participative involving its students in authentic case study analysis and the development of internationalization company projects.

ICEX-CECO´s objective is not simply to transmit knowledge, but to enable its students to develop their own personal and interpersonal skills.

To this end, teaching methods are based on an efficient combination of theory and practice thus preparing its students for effective decision-making throughout their lives. The teaching process involves an active participation on behalf of the student acquiring thus the techniques, skills and strategies later to be applied in their future job positions.

ICEX-CECO programs are constantly expanding to different fields and in particular to all subjects related to business internationalization and international economy.

As a consequence the scope of its offer is also expanding, result of a constant search for convergence between its programs and the specific needs of companies and institutions, needs which are deeply analyzed in order to offer them efficient and effective solutions and always under a rigorous quality control system.

Highly Qualified Faculty

Without doubt one of ICEX-CECO´s principal assets is its Faculty which includes many of the best active professionals and top executives, with a teaching vocation, from the business world or the State Administration of Economy and Trade.

A director is appointed for each one of its programs and nearly 200 professors are assigned to the various courses and seminars, all of them highly academically qualified. There are university professors, engineers, bank and company directors, top civil servants from the State Administration, psychologists, lawyers, economists, magistrates, fiscal advisors, consultants and experts in international marketing and finance, etc.
ICEX-CECO professors combine their recognized professional strength with a wide teaching experience proven both in ICEX-CECO itself and in other academic forums.

ICEX-CECO, online

ICEX-CECO uses a modern Virtual Campus as a base for its teaching activity both for its on-line and mixed courses and as a support for its on-site courses. 

ICEX-CECO on-line methodology is based on a tutorial model which is very close to the student, allowing permanent interaction between tutor and pupil and among the pupils themselves. This method enhances a collaborative learning process in which knowledge and skills are acquired not only through factual theory but also through interaction between pupils and their expert tutor.

The e-learning platform used by ICEX-CECO to support training activity on-line is the most used world-wide: Moodle. With more than 2.5 million courses and 30 million users it is used daily in a multitude of universities, business schools and companies and with a high level of satisfaction.

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