The high degree of the integration of the economies, globalization and the intensity of the international financial and commercial flow mean a challenge for enterprises in different countries

Indispensable in this environment are professionals capable of leading and managing business with a global perspective and with advanced and precise know-how with which to interpret the international context, the business opportunities, the threats and implications of all actions over the different areas of the company.
For more than 20 years ICEX-CECO has been a leading collaborator in matters of Spanish internationalization with the governments of over 70 countries in the training of their top managers. These are foreign professionals who wish to have a wider knowledge of Spain´s financial and business systems and, hence, Europe.

Further training for specialists in the internationalization of their countries and enterprises; deep research into the principal tendencies in the economy; learning about the tools for exporting their goods and services; the attraction of direct foreign investment. All this, academically focused but, above all, eminently practical, including visits to the principal Spanish companies and institutions with experience in these matters has been the formula for success in this area of training in ICEX-CECO.

But in addition to everything related to company internationalization, our foreign alumni have been able to study diverse strategic sectors of the country such as:
  • structures for development,
  • management of public investment,  
  • training and functioning of the Inspecting Body of Foreign Trade,              
  • renewable energy,     
  • the creation of Country Brand
  • Trade Capacity Building, and
  • economic globalization    
These are just a few of the topics dealt with in the Seminars, Courses and Masters which have been given.   

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