People with diverse interests who encounter a common space for learning, working, communicating and understanding.

Alumni and faculty who day by day share, not only their knowledge, but also their own experiences in the fields of economy and international trade.

Academic experiences which are enriched and expanded thanks to the collaboration of top managers coming from leading Spanish enterprises who are invited as guest lecturers.   
Companies which support the ICEX- CECO training programs by welcoming our students into their own organizations.
Practical experience coming from not only the private but also the public sector.

To become a part of the ICEX-CECO Community means a unique experience which we invite you to share.


Últimas Noticias


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    Inicio del MBA en Internacionalización de Empresas, 17ª Ed.

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    Apertura del MBA in International Management 19-20

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    Estrategia de Internacionalización de la Empresa, 4ª Ed (MOOC)