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ICEX-CECO detects market needs and designs training programs by areas or multi-areas which are flexible in structure and always aimed at reaching their goals. With a practical approach and in agreement with the program and alumni needs, the teaching system to be used is determined:

  • On-site courses: ICEX-CECO on-site training facilitates the learning process in a practical way by means of discussion and reflexion of practical cases or exposition and presentation of technical issues.
  • Online: Distance training allows more flexibility in following the courses without undermining performance.
  • In Company
  • Blended: on-site and on-line


  1. Mixed learning:  Theory and Cases
  2. Centre of  Experience 
  3. Active Participation and Team Work           
  4. Tutorials and Networking
  5. CECO Virtual Campus
  6. Adaptation of Programs to the Private Company


ICEX-CECO Virtual Campus is the result of the application of new information technologies to the Centre´s teaching systems.






Its end is to create a permanent intercommunication space between the alumni and professors who form part of the ICEX-CECO community, regardless of geographical and temporal limitations, and allowing access to our programs at any time and any place.
The courses which are given in the CVC are based on a close student oriented tutorial model. The courses are modular and vary in duration but undergo a weekly planning design.  Permitting a maximum of 30 participants per course, there is close communication with professors and colleagues.
A weekly plan of each module indicates the tasks to be carried out, the most important being case readings and practical exercises, both group and individual and always controlled by the tutor. Debate forums and web-conferences on topics related to the course frequently take place.



The admissions process varies according to the academic consideration of the course in which you wish to inscribe.
The whole procedure is done via our web page by filling in the form which appears in each program.
As a rule, in the case of the MBA and Upper level courses you will be required to send your academic credentials and, should the program Director consider it necessary, be called for personal interview in order to confirm your place.



Alumni who finish the course with a minimum attendance of 80% contact hours (including a 10% maximum of justified absences) and who satisfactorily accomplish the stipulated course tasks and evaluations, will receive a Diploma of Achievement.

In all courses sponsored by Collaborating Institutions, (AECI, CASA ASIA, ICEX, ICO, CESCE...) the diplomas will also be endorsed by said organisms.




The fees corresponding to each course may be payable either in total in advance or in monthly instalments by bankers order having firstly paid an inscription fee.


Inscription fees will not be reimbursed. 

  • A 10% reduction is established for each additional person from one same company inscribed in a course throughout the academic year.

  • CECO and ICEX-CECO former alumni can have a 15% reduction on the inscription of any course. Please refer conditions in each particular case.

    These reductions cannot be combined nor accumulated. Check for discounts applied to each course. Bonuses are not self-executing.



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