" ... to congratulate you for the Master in general, for its content, its structure, its seriousness and even its hardness.  I am really satisfied with the course and believe that it has done me a lot of good as a complement to my training and curriculum. Without doubt I consider the MBA highly recommendable and extendable to all training at ICEX-CECO

                                                                                                                                  Ignacio López Catalá

                                                                                    MBA student international trade on-line   2º edition

"Many, many thanks to you all for this opportunity and for everything we have learnt, both professionally and personally, throughout this year. Without doubt it has been a very intense year combining work with a full time MBA, but at the same time very gratifying in that it has enabled me once more to collaborate with colleagues in different countries and from different business cultures and to experience the complete process of positioning a non exporting enterprise into the international market. 




Natalia Bishara-Rantisi
Chicago, United Sates of America
MBA on-line in International trade
1º edition





"Studying at ICEX-CECO has given me the push I needed in my professional career and has opened a new world for me, whetting my appetite to discover more...."











“... the professors share their knowledge based on professional and personal experiences, giving a fundamentally practical focus to the training..."






“This MBA is the only specific training within a sector which is in constant growth and evolution in our country. For me, the multidisciplinary analysis amongst professionals of the same sector was, and still is today, very beneficial, having made through this, not merely contacts, but true friends.”


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